Custom D2C stores and B2B portals for ambitious Shopify brands

If you’re a brand selling on Shopify looking to take your D2C store to the next level with a headless setup or looking to increase your B2B sales then you have come to the right place.

Kastel Mood
Kastel ShoesHeadless Shopify for a sustainable Norwegian footwear brand
Coming soon
Luisa's headshotBy far the most organized developers I have ever worked with
Luisa ArangoHead of Ecommerce at Kastel Shoes
Abate Mood
AbateCustom B2B portal built on Shopify for Norwegian textile brand
Coming soon

What we do

Jack of all trades, master of none. We believe in doing few things but doing them well. For this reason, we only do 2 things: build headless Shopify D2C stores and B2B portals that are connected to Shopify.

Headless D2C store

When you’re ready to make your Shopify store stand out from the sea of Prestige and Dawned themed storefronts your come to us. We make your D2C store load incredibly fast, stand out visually and allow you to tell the story of your brand the way you always wanted to.

B2B portal

You can sell B2B on Shopify just fine via your theme, Wholesale Gorilla, Sparklayer or any of the apps that you can find in the marketplace. But if you want your customers to be able to split orders when items are out of stock or to sell unlimited quantities when you are selling pre-orders maybe it’s time you talk with us.

Tell us about your project

Or, if you find it a hassle to book a call you can just email ragnsan directly.

Why choose us

This is usually the part of the website where the agency tries to convince you that their process is truly unique, that they have a superior way of looking at the world and that their tech is better than every other agency.

To be honest, that’s a load of bullsh*t. Most agenies use the same processes and tech. What we focus on is trying really hard to understand your business. This is something we take pride in.

Skai is a two-man show consisting of Ragnsan (first image) and Petter. We’re just two guys in Oslo, Norway that loves creating awesome ecommerce experiences. That’s our biggest advantage. For a big agency you’re just a number on a screen. For us, you’re our most important client. Need an answer to something on a Saturday at 3PM? No problem.

Since we’re a small team, we are very selective in who we work with. Just as you are careful with which agency you choose, we are careful with which clients we work with.

One thing that sets us a part is that we’re not boring. Yes, we provide a great service but we also like to think that we make the process fun (we all know how boring developers can be). At the end of the day, even though we’re in tech this is still a people business.

Ragnsan headshot
Even if it looks like Ragnsan barely can see in this picture, we assure you he’ll keep a close eye on your conversions. Ragnsan wrote a 9-page essay in the 8th grade about mechanical keyboards, so he’s the right type of nerd the job.
Petter headshot
With having 2 kids (and a 3rd on the way) Petter is used to performing under pressure, no matter how complicated your project is. His wife is in the picture, but is not part of the package (though she is a great supporter!)

Send us a message

If you just have a question and don’t want to book a call just yet, no problem! Just send us your question and we will get back to you as soon as we can!